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Are sprouted potatoes still safe to eat without problems ?

 Are sprouted potatoes still safe to eat without problems ?
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You've probably already wanted to eat potatoes only to find, when you take them out of the pantry, that they are populated with very tasty little stalks. What a disappointment! 

Why do potatoes germinate?

This is a very natural phenomenon. This happens when the potatoes are stored in a warm, fairly humid and bright place. It’s as if they keep growing, to prepare a new crop.

Can sprouted potatoes still be eaten?

You've probably already been told not to eat sprouted potatoes in particular, telling you it is "poison" or "bad"? But is it true?

Yes, the germ of the potato is "poisonous", due to a toxin in the tuber, solanine. However, the danger is often exaggerated. You would have to eat 2 kilos for it to be harmful! If that was the case, one will suffer from headaches and vomiting.

However, eating a little sprouted potatoes from time to time is not harmful to your health.

Simply remove the sprouts at the root and the green parts of the potato with a knife.

Here are a few tips for storing potatoes properly.

  • Sprouts on potatoes occur because of the way they are stored. It is important to store them in a dry, cool place, protected from light. The ideal temperature should be around 10 °C.
  • Before storing the potatoes, you need to be sure they are in good condition, because if one of them is rotten, it will contaminate the whole lot.
  • Ideally, the potatoes are kept in a small box lined with newspaper or in a burlap bag.
  • Store in the refrigerator only potatoes that have been washed and are going to be eaten quickly.

Now you can go and enjoy your mashed potatoes without worrying!

What is your favourite way to eat potatoes? 

Source: Mon jardin maison · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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