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15 beautifully transformed pieces of furniture.

15 beautifully transformed pieces of furniture.
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Many of us leave old, damaged or faded furniture to sleep in the attic, basement or garage ... We say to ourselves that one day, we will be able to fix them up and give them a new function. We don't want to get rid of them, because they belonged to a loved one!

What if we took the time this week to give a second life to one of these dust collectors? You might be surprised at what you can achieve!

To help you create your masterpieces, here are 15 inspirations!

1. An old chest of drawers transformed into an elegant chest of drawers

This piece of furniture is now much more modern and can find its place in the living room as well as in a foyer. And what about the much more vibrant color?

Source: twoityourself

2. A cozy pet nest

By removing a few drawers, giving a few brushstrokes and adding a soft cushion, you can make you pet happy without spoiling your decor.

source: diynetwork

3. A new style for an old dresser

Paint + a little creativity and voila!

source: canarystreetcrafts

4. A texture that makes all the difference

An old piece of furniture full of imperfections can turn into a pretty ragpicker with a much more modern feel.

source: hometalk

5. A dresser recycled as a buffet

Instead of buying a new sideboard, try using old furniture!

source: bowerpowerblog

6. An elegant round table

Sometimes a sanding, a new varnish and a little paint makes all the difference.

source: addicted2decorating

7. A metamorphosed library

Prettier, more practical. Just wow!

source: ironandtwine

8. A bench unit

Here's how an old-fashioned sideboard can become a star piece in your home!

source: startathomedecor

9. An artistic table

A beautiful pattern can totally transform a piece of furniture!

source: startathomedecor

10. A chic glass cabinet

A little paint makes all the difference!

source: thriftdiving

11. An antique TV cabinet

If you have inherited such an antique that has become quite obsolete, use the cabinet to create a nice storage space!

source: homehinges

12. An old dressing table revamped

Who would have thought that this piece of furniture could still be used without breaking the rules of good taste?

source: hometalk

13. An old coffee table transformed into a comfortable stool

It is so charming!

source: newlywedmcgees

14. A small bench

To read a little in the boudoir or to sit down to put our shoes on in the hall.

source: createinspireme

15. From two chairs to one bench

How romantic!

source: anoregoncottage

Which one is your favourite?

Source: Sympa Sympa · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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