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7 good reasons to add more cabbage in your diet.

7 good reasons to add more cabbage in your diet.
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Nature is the best medicine! There are so many health benefits that come with eating fruits and vegetables. Today, we present you 7 great reasons to add more cabbage into your diet. It is such a great vegetable that can me consume raw, steamed, baked or cooked! 

Here is why you should have cabbage for dinner tonight. 

1. Rich in Sulfur

Sulfur helps reduce inflammation of the skin, gut and other parts of the body. It is also good for the immune system and according to NIH, it would also helps to detox medications out of the liver.

2. Promotes Good Digestion

Cabbage juices help heal stomach ulcers and ease digestion. Because of its high fiber content it also helps with constipation. Fermented cabbage is filled with good probiotics. 

3. Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Cabbage is filled with vitamins! In fact, it has nearly 70% of the recommended daily value for vitamin K and is also high in vitamin C. These two vitamins help boosts the immune system, aids in hormone regulation and and keeps your circulation flowing.

4. Cancer Prevention

The National Cancer Institute states that the compounds found in cabbage can deactivate carcinogens, fight infection, kill cells, and prevent tumor migration. This is mainly due because of its antioxidant content and inflammatory properties.

5. Promotes Brain Health

The nutrients in cabbage feed the brain but may also keep it protected from conditions like Alzheimer’s and strokes. A study by the University of Rochester states that cruciferous vegetables play a role in reducing the harmful proteins that contribute to Alzheimer’s. With its action on the cardiovascular system, it can also prevent strokes.

6. Diabetes Prevention 

Red and green cabbages help to lower one’s blood sugar, making it the perfect addition to a diabetes-friendly diet.

Do you consume a lot of cabbage? What is your favourite cabbage recipe? 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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