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A Mother decided to host a 'Period Party' to make menstruations a positive experience!

A Mother decided to host a 'Period Party' to make menstruations a positive experience!
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It is a a completely normal and natural part of every woman's life to go through menstruations. However, it is still a subject that is taboo, not often talked about or "normalized". Many people still associated periods as being something unclean or shameful. 

According to studies, most girls will get their period between the age of 10 to 15, while some will get it even earlier than that. While many parents, mostly moms, will talk to their daughter about this important change, one mother decided to do even more than that!

Shanicia Boswell decided that it was time to "celebrate" periods and discuss this important topic with her daughter and her friends. "We have this video online where I'm explaining to her what a period is, and she's telling me what she thinks. And I realized that this is just something that we don't talk about — our menstrual cycles. We still go to the grocery store to buy pads and tampons, and we'll hide the box of pads," said Boswell in an interview with The Today Show.

“The female period has been stigmatized for so many years. It's something that we've had to hide, and almost be made to be ashamed of," she added. That is why she was inspired to create the "Period Party" which is an annual event that features experts who share their knowledge about menstruation and woman's health. 

“A lot of women have had very negative experiences with their menstrual cycles just because they were never told about them. They don't know about their bodies," said the mother, “I created the Period Party for young girls so that they could grow up having a positive experience with the menstrual cycles." 

What do you think of her idea? Did you have "the talk" with your daughter yet? 

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: Instagram | @shaniciaboswell

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