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According to science, the baby in the family is the funniest!

According to science, the baby in the family is the funniest!
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In all families, there are personality differences between siblings. Some children tend to be more serious, others are more like clowns.

Some people think the family jester is usually the oldest, since they have an audience of little brothers or sisters, but the research says quite another thing!

This research provided by YouGov (a global public opinion and data company) is surprising. When you compare the kids in the family, the youngest sibling seems to be the funniest!

Research tends to suggest that older children have more responsibilities, which would make them more serious. It has long been believed that birth order is associated with certain personality traits. And that of an actor seems to fall on the shoulders of the youngest child in the family!

Here's what the study says:

"By separating the first and last siblings born into British families with more than one child (86% of the population), a clear division of personality traits emerges".

A notable aspect of the study is that 54% of older children admit to being more responsible than their younger siblings. When asked, the youngest in the family admitted to being funny and easy going.


So the older child would be more serious. The baby of the family would be the little comic. And the second child? A previous study claimed they would be the hardest part of the lot ...

What do you think of all this? Depending on your rank in your family, your opinion may be somewhat biased! Everyone may think that the other's place is the best.

However, there are advantages to being serious and clowns can also be sad sometimes ...

In any case, it is likely to discuss in families! Some children will ask their parents to decide!

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