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Can you spot the frog hiding in this photo?

Can you spot the frog hiding in this photo?
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Glenda Adams Phillips lives Greenwell Springs, Louisiana and has very noisy neighbours! Indeed, due to the heavy rain they have been experiencing this year, everything has been staying pretty wet - a dream for the amphibian!  

Yes, it is the croaking of tree frogs that is heard every night! When Glenda  walked out of her house last week, she was confronted with one of her many amphibian neighbors.

“The little frog jumped in front of me onto the concrete part of my carport and scared me. Then she jumped on the rocks. I had never seen one like this before and it was very small. I couldn't even find it in my own photo. We had an extreme amount of rain this year, so everything remained quite wet, ”said Glenda to The Dodo.

She captured on camera a hidden animal challenge by accident! She posted it on Facebook and people were having a very difficiult time finding the camouflaged frog.

Can you spot it? 


Have you spotted the frog in the photo above? If not, here's where it is:


Impressive, isn't it?


How long did it take you to find the hidden frog?

Source: The Dodo · Photo Credit: Facebook - Glenda Adams Phillips

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