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'Most Remote House' in England is up for sale for the first time ever!

'Most Remote House' in England is up for sale for the first time ever!
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For the first time ever, England's "most remove house" is up for sale. Ideal news for those who have trouble with their neighbors or are craving solitude.

The Skiddaw House is located in the Lake District National Park in the North West of England. Also called, the 'most remote house' in the country; no neighbors, houses or other buildings nearby. The nearest road is about 5.6 km away.

The chance that a neighbor will come and disturb you to borrow something is therefore quite low. On the other hand, it is better to stock up on provisions because it is not easy to make a 'little' stop at the supermarket.

Because there is no regular road nearby, the buyer must have an all-terrain vehicle. It will also be necessary to do without a telephone signal. There is no television, internet, or electricity. Instead, there is a wood stove and water should be taken from a nearby stream.

In the great forest of Skiddaw, the Skiddaw House is the only residence, which was built in 1892. Originally built for a gamekeeper, it has since served as a hunting lodge, a shepherd's house, both for walkers. Currently, it is owned by a farmer and serves as an inn. Due to the lease, it must remain so until 2027, after which the owner is free to do what he wants with it.

"A source of perpetual inspiration, a place to create art, find peace and live in the sky" reads the listing.  

You can view the full listing here.

What do you think of this property? Does it sound like a dream? Or your biggest nightmare?

Source: Independent · Photo Credit: Mitchell's

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