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Psychological test: Who is the real mother of the child?

Psychological test: Who is the real mother of the child?
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Games and puzzles are always a fun way to challenges some of our abilities. In this psychological test, your ability to observe and your intuition will be tested! 

Thus, the answer that you are going to give defines certain aspects of your personality. In fact, there is only one answer but whoever you pick will show clues about your character.

Now below you will find a picture of a child playing between two women, your task is to find out who is the real mother of the child between the two. Take all the time you need, analyze and choose. Who do you think it is? 


If you chose woman number two:

You are creative and have a great imagination. You know how to listen to others and give them good advice. You are very sensitive and have great professionalism.

Also, you are a person who has worked very hard throughout your life, and value the power of money. Although many people think the opposite, you believe that a great monetary sum gives a great happiness to who owns it. Perhaps it is because you had to work really hard to be in the situation you currently are in your life!

7 out of 10 people consider that the woman to the right of the image is the one who conceived the child who is playing, but the answer is wrong. Unfortunately, woman number two is not the mother of the child.

If you chose woman number one:

You are a tenacious person, always searching for the truth and without fear of adversity. You always try to see the positive side of things and are not afraid of changes and risks. You don't like to mix business and personal relationships, but you are surrounded by friends who love you

Usually you analyze every detail and that could be why you found the right answer! Indeed, woman number one is the mother of the child. Only 30% of the population considered that the woman who was in that part of the image was the one who gave birth to the infant: you've proven to have a great intelligence!

The reason for the answer.

'Woman number one' is sitting with her legs facing the child. This position usually reflects the protection side of a mother. Also, children usually play while looking at their mothers and do not turn their backs on them. 

Has your intuition fooled you or been up to the test? 

Source: Gostica · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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