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This little house was built on a trailer but the little space at the top steals the show

This little house was built on a trailer but the little space at the top steals the show
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Tiny houses are more and more popular. And when we see some of these tiny houses, we understand why people love them.

They use few resources, are much cheaper to maintain and obviously take up less space.

This is a new way of life. But obviously, living in a tiny house has some disadvantages.

One of the main problem is the sleeping area. Most of the time, it is a bunk bed only accessible via a ladder.

It is never very pleasant to sleep there because the ceiling is quite low and it's not easy to go up there.

But there is a solution to solve this problem. Indeed, you just do not use a box-shaped house!

Ken came up with the idea of using a trailer as a house, and that makes all the difference.

The particularity of this trailer is that it has a space at the back and a curved roof that provides a larger space for sleeping.

This space at the back is known as the "gooseneck trailer". When we see the interior, we better understand the advantage that this space brings: more spacious feeling.

Ken also painted his trailer in a relaxing and nice natural color.

The interior is also surprising. Painted in sky blue, the interior brings a feeling of comfort and serenity.

The curved ceiling gives the sense of more open space, and it's very important in tiny house. The trailer feels airy and open, thanks to it.

The space at the back is accessible via stairs rather than a ladder, which is immediately more pleasant and less difficult.

The space is large and comfortable, so you won't bang your head when going to bed!

In addition, the interior is full of natural light. Which is always better than an electric light.

There is even room for a small TV! And the stairs house electrical components for the house.

The kitchen has a sink, a gas stove, an oven, a washing machine and a tumble dryer. There is everything you need!

There is also a large countertop to cook and a window above the sink that provides natural light.

The bathroom has a toilet and a shower.

This unusual house is actually a real paradise. What is the price? Only $80,000.

What's better than this trailer to travel comfortably?

Source: Reddit · Photo Credit: IMGUR

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