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Woman goes viral for proudly showing off her modest house online.

Woman goes viral for proudly showing off her modest house online.
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Home is where the heart is! This is a proverb that Laura Miraflores strongly believes in. In fact, the woman went viral on social media for showing off her modest home. 

Miraflores shared a video on her TikTok channel with an important message: there is no ugly house. She lives with her family in Santa Catarina Ayotzingo, Mexico and proudly shows her house where she raised her children and spent unforgettable moments. She believes that there is no need for expensive rugs, silverware, leather furniture or cupboards with unlimited space.


Even though her house is limited to the essentials, and the shape is quite irregular, for Laura it's perfect as is. In the video, the woman shows all of her home, explains the work she has done inside, explains how happy she is to have raised her family in this house. The bricks are exposed, in some rooms there is no parquet or tiled floor; but there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a shower, a living room with sofas and multiple bedrooms: there is everything you need to live comfortably.

Here is the video tour she gave on TikTok:

“My house is made of sheet metal. My whole house, all, all, all, all is made of sheet metal. Here I put a skylight. Get out girls, I’m going to give you a tour. This is my bedroom, six months ago I moved here to Ayotzingo, and they should have seen when I started … believe me, I don’t like my house very much, but here it is. This is my bedroom. It measures six meters. I say that there is no ugly and humble house. Poverty is one thing and filth is another ”, explained Laura in a video that has accumulated more than 1,400,000 views.


Indeed, a humble house is a worthy house, and poverty does not mean dirty! In fact, the condition of the house is not perfect: it is possible to find flaws, characteristics that are not to our liking. But Laura is keen to keep rooms clean and tidy, and her home now reflects the spirit of its inhabitants: modest but tidy and organized.


What do you think of her home? Would you be proudly show your house on the internet? 

Source: Bullfrag · Photo Credit: TikTok @lauramiraflores58

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